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Sharpdawson Dinnerware

Sharpdawson 16-PCS Ceramic Tableware Set for Daily Use

Sharpdawson 16-PCS Ceramic Tableware Set for Daily Use

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  • 4.5 inch Luohan Bowl: caliber: 11.6cm, high: 5.8cm, bottom: 6cm, weight: 202g, 4PCS
  • 8 inch Rice Plate: caliber: 20.2cm, high: 2.2cm, bottom: 11.8cm, weight: 370g, 4PCS
  • 10 inch Dinner Plate: caliber: 27.5cm, high: 2.6cm, bottom: 16cm, weight: 598g, 4PCS
  • 9inch Soup Plate: caliber: 23.2cm, high: 4.3cm, bottom: 10.7cm, weight: 352g, 4PCS


Our Dinnerware Sets are Lead and Cadmium Free, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe, and Dishwasher Safe.


Packing with Care:
a. Orders are securey taped together;
b. Air columns or sponge papers are use to pack as they are shock absorbent;
c. Our boxes are taped with fragile stickers.

Shipping Policy:
a. A confirmation email will be sent out once your order is placed.
b. All confirmed orders will be delivered to you within the next 8-15days*.
c. Shipping costs are affected by product weight, the greater the product weight, the higher the shipping cost.

*You will be notified when you item is parceled and collected for delivery.

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