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ceramic bowl at Sharp Dawson


Bowls are essential kitchen tools and are used for tasks like mixing ingredients, whipping cream, tossing salads, and even baking. They can also be decorative items, displayed as centerpieces or used for holding potpourri, fruits, or decorative items around the house.

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new bone decal plate from Sharp Dawson


Plates play a crucial role in food presentation, enhancing the visual appeal of dishes and contributing to the overall dining experience. They can be plain or adorned with intricate designs, patterns, and colors to match different cuisines, themes, and table settings.

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Mugs are a common household item and are widely used for enjoying a variety of drinks, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soups, and more.

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Cup and Saucer

Our elegant pairing consists of a cup and a matching saucer, both designed to enhance the experience of sipping and savoring these drinks.

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Dinner Set

Choosing a dinner set involves considering factors like the number of people you typically serve, the frequency of formal or casual gatherings, and your personal style.

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