Privacy Policy

Sharpdawson Dinnerware is mindful of its customers and has thus come up with highly comprehensive privacy policy. This policy demonstrates the specifics of how we use your access to our resources and websites and how you engage with us. Whenever we change the policy, we include the date of the change on the same privacy policy tab, and if the upgrade or alteration requires your permission, we are obliged to do so by statute.

To Protect Your Privacy

Sharpdawson Dinnerware takes care to avoid abuse or unwanted access to your records.

In Sharpdawson Dinnerware, we will never exchange or disclose your data or any other information with any third party for our commercial gain.

We discourage others and do not use any tracking device ourselves.

We neither engage ourselves in affiliate marketing nor do we allow it at Sharpdawson Dinnerware.

If you are led to third party websites, please check their privacy policy.

We offer email proxy and relay services to lower the number of unwanted emails.

Besides what our users post as classifieds, we're not interested in running ads.

We never participate in link-referral or cross-marketing programs.

We are obliged not to supply you with any unsolicited contact for our marketing purposes.

The Data that We Collect, Use and Disclose

Sharpdawson Dinnerware does not share or expose your data or other sensitive information to any third party. Please be aware that disclosure to "Payment Processors" occurs at times when you use a credit card to pay. However, any or all of your personal information may be shared with us under certain conditions, as described below:

Response to search warrants, court orders, subpoenas, or other legal proceedings.

If you approve or agree to the sharing of information with other users

To protect the land, the rights, the protection of our users, our website, and so on.

In the event of bankruptcy, merger, or transfer or sale of assets.

Data that We Store

Sharpdawson Dinnerware maintains the details needed to personalize and promote your use of our platform. We also do this in order to prevent abuse or fraud and/or where the law requires it. 

We do our best to store data in good faith, but we cannot guarantee it all the way.

You can access those data through the login of your account. You will also need to go to account login when editing your info.

International Data Transfers

In certain instances, the data need to be passed to foreign recipients. A third-country could have a difference in data protection policy compared to your country. At the time of the transfer of your personal data to the recipients as such, we shall have sufficient protections in place.

Storage Period and Erasure

We and our service providers store your personal information in compliance with the data security regulations. We are doing this to the permitted degree. Subsequently, we will delete your information in compliance with our data protection and deletion policy. We do not make a difference in the policy unless there is a requirement to retain your personal information for a longer period of time (for example, for tax purposes, legal enforcement, auditing, or accounting purposes). We prefer to limit the processing of data rather than delete it, as far as it is legally permissible.

Your Right as a Data Subject

Subject to such restrictions under national legislation, as a data subject, you have the right to view, modify, delete, and/or restrict the processing and transferability of your personal data. Besides, you can withhold your consent and object to our use of your data on the basis of our legitimate interests. You may also file a report to the supervisory authority.

Data Security

We safeguard your personal information through technical and operational security measures to minimize the chances of data leakage, unauthorized access, misuse, and unwanted disclosure and alteration. For this reason, we use data security and firewalls, for example, as well as physical access restrictions for our data centers and network access controllers.


In case you have any complaints or questions about Sharpdawson Dinnerware privacy policy and its activities, please contact us at